Green Course List

Courses that have a 'green leaf' designation, address issues around social, economic, and/or environmental sustainability and include at least three of the following criteria: 

  • Content related to sustainable development: creating healthy and thriving resource systems for all; 
  • Content related to environmental issues;
  • Content related to social issues that can be applied to sustainable development such as human welfare, social equity issues or social/organizational/behavioral change; 
  • Content related to economic issues that can be applied to sustainable development;
  • Discourse focused on the interconnection of world resources and the human condition from a long-term perspective; 
  • Content related to policy and communications issues that can be applied to sustainable development.

GW is constantly working to update its list of Green Leaf Courses. If you are unable to find a specific sustainability-related, or -focused course on this list, please contact Lisa Benton-Short at

Download an updated Compendium of Green Leaf Courses.