GW students at the tap water taste fest at Earth Day 2012

Bottled Water Reduction

GW is working with departments and students on campus to reduce bottled water use. Offices interested in switching to in-line filtration systems can contact To learn more about bottled water and tap water please download the GWater Menu.

Green Office Network

Green Office Network

The Green Office Network is the primary faculty and staff sustainability engagement program. The Office of Sustainability can help facilitate a conversation and better practices amongst the GW faculty and staff. Please review the information below and sign-up today!

Interested in becoming a Certified Green Office? Check out GW's new Green Office Certification!

Purpose of the Program

  • To better understand office behavior and practices on a day-to-day basis
  • To foster a discussion about how to improve sustainability on the individual and office level
  • To improve awareness, build community and empower staff to make positive, healthy changes

How it Works

  • Offices sign-up to participate
  • A member of the Office of Sustainability will come and conduct a short, fun workshop with your office colleagues
  • At the meeting, the office will learn about sustainability challenges, areas for improvement and have the opportunity to ask any questions about sustainability at GW
  • At the conclusion of the workshop, the team will set goals for their office
  • Sample goal: Increase recycling rates, ensure that all lights are off at the end of the day, set all printing defaults to double-sided

Green Leaders

  • Green Leaders are the sustainability champions for their teams and help to continue to promote sustainability year-round
  • GON provides a forum for staff and faculty to discuss their interests in sustainability and propose initiatives in their departments
  • Green leaders help: plan events, educate staff and faculty, act as a point of contact for inter department networking, help achieve campus wide sustainability initiatives


Sustainability Benefits

Learn about the benefits that are available to GW faculty and staff.

Capital Bikeshare Discount

GW faculty and staff are now eligible for a discounted Capital Bikeshare annual membership of only $25. Enjoy all the perks of Capital Bikeshare membership for less than 50 cents a week! Visit the Colonial Community website for more information.

Recycling Information

  • Learn more details about recycling at GW.
  • Download the recycling poster for the Foggy Bottom, Mount Vernon, and Virginia Science and Technology Campuses.
  • Download the e-cycling poster for the Foggy Bottom and Mount Vernon campuses.
  • Need a recycling bin?
    1. Create a Fix-IT Request
    2. Choose "E-cycling and Recycling Pick-Up" from the drop-down menu.
    3. In "Additional Information" state what type of bin you need. For example: "Bottles and Cans Recycling Bin" "Desk-Side Recycling Bin"

Computer and Printer Settings

Green Event Guide

Download the green event guide to learn how to make your events more sustainable. 

Green Your Home

Download information on how to incorporate sustainability into your home activities