Student Eco Reps

Through the Eco Rep program, students serve as green leaders in their residence halls and across campus. Eco Reps help with Eco-Challenge, Recyclemania, Green Moveout, e-cycling on campus, Earth Hour, and Earth Month. Eco Reps are a valuable resource for GW, in disseminating the message to "go green" across campus, particularly among students and student groups.

Students: Interested in helping make GW a greener campus? Want to build your environmental skills and gain leadership experience? Email to sign-up.

A Sample of Recent GW Eco Reps:

Name: Greg Lidrbauch
Year: Sophomore
Residence Hall: The Dakota
School/ Major: GWSB International Business and Marketing
Why did you become an eco rep? I am interested in the action GW is taking toward becoming a more environmentally conscious institution and want to contribute to that goal in any way that I can.
What are you looking forward to next year? Next year I am looking forward to ensuring the continued success of competitions like RecycleMania, and expanding them to have an even larger presence on and around campus.

Name: Miles Milliken
Year: Junior
Residence Hall: Building JJ (2012-2013, sustainability affinity)
School/ Major: Environmental Studies, minors: Organizational Communications, Sustainability
Why did you become an Eco Rep? A friend asked me to join with them.  I've always enjoyed working with people to help us all become more sustainable, and feel that altering personal habits is an effective way to do this.
What are you looking forward to next year? I can’t wait to get started working with everyone involved in the program. I am hoping to expand it to have a deeper as well as wider impact on campus. Most importantly I look forward to working with the many amazing students in our program.


Interested in Becoming an Eco Rep?

Interested students can email to become Eco Reps for their residence halls.