2017 DC Climathon: Resilience

How do we unleash innovation to address climate change in our cities?

Engaging young innovators to develop creative local and regional solutions is the key to making progress on climate change and sustainable development.

The George Washington University (GW) Office of Sustainability has formed a partnership with key stakeholders across the public and private sectors to create DC Climathon, a timely initiative that cultivates top talent to develop the innovation pipeline for these issues. 

Partners include the European Union Enterprise for Innovation & Technology Climate-KIC, Washington, D.C.’s Department of Energy & Environment, and GW’s School of Business Institute for Corporate Responsibility, Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Honey Nashman Center for Civic Engagement and Public Service. DC Climathon augments traditional educational offerings to develop leaders and create positive change within the local community, start-ups, and the public and private sectors. 


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2017 Climathon: HACK Resilience

In partnership with Resilient DC and 100 Resilient Cities

By 2100, the average U.S. temperature is projected to increase between 3°–12°F. Local institutions face intense changes that impact the spread of disease, fresh water supply, ability to grow crops, species extinction, and damage to infrastructure. Communities need to mitigate the warming and prepare for the pending changes.

This year, innovators will generate solutions that prepare District residents for emerging impacts and future impacts such as urban heat island effect, extreme weather events, and increased flooding. Participants will focus on elderly, low-income, and populations with access and/or functional needs.

Deployment—teams will create solutions that enable grassroots/community-based creation and involvement including social capital and community building, neighborhood-led infrastructure, and communication methods and connectivity. 

Visit https://climathon.climate-kic.org/ for more information on the 2017 DC Climathon.


Get Involved in DC Climathon

GW provides the DC Climathon program for its students, local innovators, and partners. We invite additional universities, communities, cities, and organizations to participate and expand the impact across the region and the country. 

This year, Climathon will take place on October, 27. 


Testimonials / Quotes

“Climathon captured the true essence of what it means to be an innovator and an individual willing to carve a path in a world that does not always take kind to people who fail to follow the status quo.” - Zohaib Qureshi

“This experience has made me think about how important is to educate children and adults on responsible consumption.”- Elisa Gomes de Almeida

“Through our Climathon partnership with GW, the District is developing local solutions to climate change that can serve as a model for cities across the globe.” -Mayor Muriel Bowser, Washington, DC





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