2019 DC Climathon

Textiles provide significant value to our society by providing protective, decorative, cleaning, and other functions. However, textile waste has grown to a 460 billion dollar-a-year problem, and the creation of textiles has contributed to natural resource degradation and untold negative impacts on human health and safety. 

Donating and reselling clothing is an important part of the solution but only addresses a narrow swath of the waste stream. Currently, the vast majority of unwanted clothing and other textiles are landfilled or incinerated. This is literally throwing away the labor and economic opportunity embedded in these still valuable resources. How do we solve this unnecessary problem while creating economic opportunity for DC residents?

This year’s Climathon Challenge is seeking innovative business, tech, and social enterprise solutions for the end-of-life management of clothing and other textiles.

How can I participate in DC Climathon?

Climathon is a global movement, with 24 hour hackathon events held simultaneously worldwide to develop climate change solutions. DC Climathon is held annually at George Washington University, in partnership with the University of the District of Columbia and the District Department of Energy and Environment. 

At the 24 hour event, you'll meet other innovators and entreprenuers interested in launching a start-up to make an impact on the planet. Participants will form teams, and over the course of 24 hours hone their idea into a viable business model. At the end of the event, teams pitch their proposals to a team of expert judges.  Winning teams can receive prizes ranging from cash to entreprenuerial training.  Winning teams of GW students receive a bye into the second round of the GW New Venture Competition.  

Individuals from all academic backgrounds and disciplines are encouraged to attend.  In fact, the best teams bring together different perspectives and areas of expertise. 

Registration to attend the event will open on October 7th, 2019.  

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Where and When is DC Climathon 2019?

Date: DC Climathon 2019 will begin on Friday, October 25th at 3pm, and conclude on Saturday, October 26th at 3pm.

Location: Duques Hall, 2201 G St NW, Washington, DC 20052