Charged Up - Solar Design Competition

Charged Up

Ever wanted to create something? Looking for ways to leave your footprint at GW? The GW Office of Sustainability is calling all student innovators to participate in a student design competition for a campus solar charging station sponsored by the GW Division of Operations. 

Entrants are encouraged to include an interdisciplinary team comprised of students from two or more schools at GW.  

Entries must be submitted via electronic submission (.pdf) no later than April 10, 2017 via email to

Winners will be announced the week of  April 17, 2017.

The winning student team will be awarded funding (up to $10,000 for material and labor) to construct their design on campus, and leave their mark at GW for years to come.

The winning team will be required to contribute their time and labor toward construction of the charging station over the summer and/or during the fall 2017 semester.

The new charging station will be located on Kogan Plaza, and will be used by members of the GW community to charge devices with solar electricity.   

The design will be judged based on the potential appeal (aesthetically pleasing, comfort, and convenience) to campus users, fit with the look and feel of Kogan Plaza, likelihood of reliable functionality, simple maintenance, among other criteria to be confirmed.  


Join Us...

An Info & Networking Session was held on Monday, March 20th at 7 PM, in District House B118. Stay tuned for updates from that meeting.
Join GW experts to ask your questions about the competition, and network with other students and teams to share ideas and find additional members for your interdisciplinary team.

Competition expectations:

1)     Teams can choose a single solar panel technology around which they will build their design. Provide the specs as part of your submission.
2)     Location of the charging station will be near the rear emergency exit from Lisner Auditorium.  See attached photo. The charging station cannot cover dedicated bricks nor can it block the egress path from Lisner Auditorium, which means that it cannot go directly in front of (to the South of) the steps shown in this photo.  

3)  Electronic (pdf file) submissions must include the following:

a.     A design-intent proposal, covering all of the following topics:

i.     Executive Summary;

ii.     Project/Unit Purpose;

iii.     Proposed Unit Placement Location;

iv.     Design Specifications and Construction Details;

v.     Life Span of Unit and Parts;

vi.     Long Term Costs and Maintenance Requirements;

vii.     Project/Unit Budget;

 viii.     Project/Unit Security;

ix.     Project/Unit Administration and Responsibility;

x.     Future of the Unit;

xi.     Technical Specifications Summary; and

xii.     Unit Images or Drawings.

b.     A sketch or drawing of the expected final product;

c.     A proposed project budget (not to exceed $10,000); and

d.     A sketch or drawing (often called a one-line electric drawing) showing all of the proposed electric components and how they will be connected to one another.


Please visit this page in the coming weeks for more information including judging criteria, information sessions, and ways to connect with other interested students across GW.