Charged Up - Solar Design Competition

Charged Up

The GW Office of Sustainability invited student innovators to participate in a design competition for a campus solar charging station sponsored by the GW Division of Operations. The station will be part of a larger display on campus (yet to be constructed) of solar panels and signage that explains on-campus solar and the large-scale off-site Capital Partners Solar Project, which provides GW with 50% solar electricity.  The charging station will provide an opportunity for students to engage with renewable energy, first-hand, as they use it to charge their personal devices outside. 

GW’s Division of Operations will fund the implementation of both team designs and the panels are provided by Duke Energy Renewables. Division of Operations staff will also work with them to install the units on campus over this summer and next fall. GW Division of Operations electricians will maintain the station on an on-going basis.

The judges reviewed the applications and evaluated the feasibility of each project based on project expectations as detailed here. Members of the panel included:

•   Linda Toth, LEED AP BD+C, Gensler

•   Alison Shea, CEM, Senior Account Developer at Siemens Industry, Inc.

•   Michael Howell, GW Master Electrician, Division of Operations,  

•   William Cobey, GW Electrician, Division of Operations

•   Doug Spengel, GW Manager Energy and Environmental Management

•   Meghan Chapple, GW, Office of Sustainability

The Office of Sustainability would like to congratulate the winner, Team Marisol, and runner up, Engineers Without Borders for their thoughtful proposals. You can see their impressive designs here.

GW Division of Operations will work closely with the Marisol team to install the unit on Kogan Plaza on the Foggy Bottom Campus as shown in the call for proposals here. As the runner up, the Engineers Without Borders design brought its own merit in functionality and reliability, and so GW will look for an additional location to place it on campus.


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