In the Classroom

There are over 470 courses related to sustainability which are offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Owing to the interdisciplinary nature of sustainability, students can find sustainability-related courses in nearly every school and department across the University.

These courses can be found in the list below, or by searching the course attribute SUST on course search. Most undergraduate sustainability courses may be applied toward the undergraduate Minor in Sustainability. Graduate courses are also listed as Sustainability-related using the SUST course attribute. Undergraduate students may take graduate level sustainability courses with the approval of the faculty member and the Sustainability Minor Program Manager.

Students who are not enrolled in the Sustainability Minor are encouraged to use the SUST course attribute to find courses in their area of interest related to sustainability. Questions about sustainability-designated courses can be sent to the Program Manager of the Sustainability Minor at [email protected].

To obtain a sustainability designation, the course must address issues related to the four pillars of sustainability: Sustainable Ecosystems, Sustainable Economies, Sustainable Communities and Sustainable Practices. 

See a list of all Sustainability Related courses (PDF).


"We strive to provide innovative classroom and experiential learning, drawing on our faculty and staff's sustainability leadership within academia and the local and global communities."

Dr. Tara Scully
Director of Sustainability Minor Assistant Professor of Biology