Designing Sustainable Cities: What About the People?

Urban communities around the world face increased stress from natural disasters linked to climate change and urban pressures such as increased heat, flooding, and insufficient services. Cities need to grow rapidly and focus on resilience in order to adapt and flourish.

Cathy Baldwin’s and Robin King’s research explores the relationship between urban built environments and pro-community behaviors and psychological responses, which include positive acts and states of mind that are beneficial to communities and their residents. They highlight urban development projects and frameworks and also natural disaster contexts from 14 countries, focusing on housing, public space, transport, and natural disasters like flooding and earthquakes.

Join the conversation as the researchers present their framework, case studies and recommendations. Natalie Elwell, from WRI’s Gender and Social Equity Initiative, will moderate the discussion.

Featured Speakers

Robin King, Director of Knowledge Capture and Collaboration, WRI Ross Center FSC

Cathy Baldwin, Research Affiliate, University of Oxford; Affiliate Research Fellow, Institute of Health and Wellbeing, University of Glasgow; Gender and Social Inclusion Adviser & Climate Change Lead, Coffey International Development

Natalie Elwell, Senior Gender Advisor, WRI