Green Office Network Census

Thank you for your participation in GW's Green Office Network! The purposes of the Green Office Network are:

  • To better understand office behavior and practices on a day-to-day basis
  • To foster a discussion about how to improve sustainability on the individual and office level
  • To improve awareness, build community, and empower staff and faculty to make positive changes

This form is only available to offices who are currently undergoing the certification process. If your office is not included in this form, please email [email protected] to start the certification process.

If your office has any special circumstances, such as multiple staff sharing one workstation/computer, please let us know by emailing [email protected].


Transportation Census

Every day or almost every dayAt least once a weekAt least once a monthNever
Single-Occupant Vehicle (non-electric)
Electric Vehicle
Bicycle (non-bikeshare)
Bus (including Metrobus, ART, Ride On, etc.)
Commuter Rail (VRE or MARC)
Commuter Bus

Workstation Equipment