Green Office Resource Links

FixIt Requests

FixIt requests can be made for a variety of issues that your office may face. To submit a FixIt Request:

  1. Go to the Facilities website.
  2. Click "Submit a FixIt Request" 
  3. Log in, then click "Create a new service request".
  4. Select your campus, then enter your phone number and the building, floor, and room number.
  5. Select the Service Area. Service Areas relevant to the Green Office Network are:
    • ECYCL - E-cycling of computer components
    • HVAC - Heating / AC / Fans / Boilers
    • RECYCLE - Recycle and refuse bin and signage
  6. In the Description section, provide a short description of the issue. Some examples are:
    • HVAC, "Too cold" to have the temperature increased and eliminate a need for space heaters (Credit EE-1)
    • RECYCLE, "Need # small and # large recycling bins" to ensure all trash cans are paired with recycling bins (Credit WR-1)
    • RECYCLE, "Want to replace smaller desk-side trash bins with one larger trash bin" to consolidate and centralize trash bins (Credit WR-2)
    • ECYCL, "Pickup of # (>5) toner cartridges" for e-cycling pickup (Credit WR-3)
  7. Click "Continue to review request detail" and then click "Submit request". A staff member from Facilities will follow up with you.

Sustainable Benefits

Sustainable Benefits Flyer (Prerequisite TR-1)

Flexible Work Arrangements (Prerequisite TR-1 and Credit TR-1)

Capital Bikeshare Discount (Prerequisite TR-2 and Credit TR-2)

Lerner Health and Wellness Center Bike-to-Work Pass (Prerequisite TR-2 and Credit TR-2)

How-Tos and Other Resources

How to set or check Energy Saver settings on your computer (Credit EE-3)

How to set Double-Sided Printing as the default (Credit PP-4)

Furniture Reuse Program (Credit PC-3)

Green Events Guide (Credit PC-5)

E-Cycling Locations (Credit WR-3)

Terracycle for Coffee Capsules (Credit WR-5)