Grounds and Sustainable Sites

Square 80
Creating a greener campus

Planting In Progress

Have you seen the Planting in Progress signs in landscaping beds around campus?  The Grounds team is implementing the Sustainable Landscapes Guidelines in beds across campus, which means they are choosing plants that are both beautiful and also provide ecosystem services like providing habitat for wildlife and preventing stormwater runoff.

Do you love to garden?  We offer regular volunteer days for students, faculty, and staff to join us in making our landscapes more sustainable.  Enter your name here to receive updates about volunteer opportunities. 

Casey Trees

GW has a longstanding partnership with the DC based non-profit Casey Trees, who works to promote urban tree canopy in The District. To date, GW and Casey Trees have partnered on multiple tree planting studies, a tree canopy study for our greenhouse gas inventory, expansion of the GroW Community Garden, tree health studies on campus and are currently investigating piloting a new treebox technology on our campus. 

Square 80 Plaza

This unique water reclamation park captures and retains all water that falls on the site. Through a network of cisterns, tunnels, permeable surface and rain barrels, this 3/4 acre site highlights the technological possibilities for managing stormwater. The Square 80 Plaza is a participant in the SITES pilot program, which is developing a certification for outdoor spaces.


Xeriscaping at GW

The seven principles of Xeriscaping are a central part of the landscape planning at GWU. Proper water usage, plant selection, and cultural practices are essential for the success of any urban landscape. Large scale irrigation systems and areas requiring frequent watering are not efficient on a campus with large amounts of foot traffic, so proper planning and appropriate plant selection is essential.