Reports and Publications

From reaching carbon neutrality to optimizing waste treatment, GW has set goals to improve the University's footprint, and outlined plans for how to achieve those goals in a series of reports and publications. 

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Sustainability Progress Report

The report discusses the progress the university has made to incorporate sustainability into its operations, management decisions and community impact, and it also outlines the connection sustainability has to the academic mission of the university.

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Sustainability Scorecard

Summary version of the Urban Sustainability Progress report that tracks progress against goals in Ecosystems Enhancement Strategy

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GWater Plan

Sets goals and targets for GW to reduce water consuption and enhance water quality


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2019 STARS Report

The Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS) is a transparent, self-reporting framework for colleges and universities to measure their sustainability performance.

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report

The Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report by Second Nature allows universities to track annual emissions against a baseline and their own emissions reduction targets.

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ESG Task Force Report

The Board of Trustees created the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Responsibility Task Force to establish a long-term, proactive approach to managing ESG responsibility.

Featured Report 

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Urban Sustainability Progress


For nearly a decade, GW has been building a comprehensive sustainability strategy to address its footprint, which includes a commitment to carbon neutrality and resilience in the face of climate change. This report provides an overview of GW’s strategy and key accomplishments as well as a detailed review of progress toward the goals and targets defined in our Ecosystems Enhancement Strategy. Bolstered by student involvement and leadership, the university has undertaken numerous initiatives that together put GW on track to meet its goals around habitat and natural space, climate and air quality, fresh water availability, sustainable food, Zero Waste, engagement with natural ecosystems and sustainable investments.

The report discusses the progress the university has made to incorporate sustainability into its operations, management decisions and community impact, and it also outlines the connection sustainability has to the academic mission of the university.

Download the Report (pdf)


Many thanks to stakeholders who provided input and feedback on the report and sustainability progress at GW.


"The GW Sustainability Progress Report for 2018 is a thoughtful compilation that summarizes GW's progress towards achieving the University's sustainability strategy. For GW staff who work tirelessly behind the scenes to implement the programs in the Progress Report, it was incredibly validating and encouraging to see the progress made to date. This document will continue to serve as a guiding light for the champions of GW's sustainability vision and mission."

Janine Helwig, P.E., C.E.M.
Interim Director of Utilities & Engineering, Facilities & Campus Development
The George Washington University


"Environmental and sustainability progress needs monitoring and verification, and what the newly-released GW Sustainability Progress Report shows is that sustainability impressively grew at both our facilities and throughout our academic programs over the last decade. Originally pushed by forward-looking students, inspired by faculty, promoted by GW administration and staff-- no wonder we are making progress. This great report card doesn't let us off the hook; we all have much more to do. But the good news is we have a solid foundation, and that should drive us all to move more mountains."

Scott Sklar, Adjunct Professor

Energy Director, Environment & Energy Management Institute
The George Washington University


"I am proud to be affiliated with a school that has taken bold steps to make GW a more sustainable campus. Reports like this demonstrate that we are truly teaching sustainable thinking through example. I commend the hard work of the staff, faculty and students who have been instrumental in advancing sustainable living in an urban academic institution."

Peter LaPuma

Associate Professor, Department of Environmental & Occupational Health
The George Washington University


"The GW Sustainability Report  GW's commitment to sustainability is comprehensive and ambitious. Students, faculty, staff and alumni--as well as the DC community--can learn much from the detailed report that covers numerous targets and goals for a more sustainable campus."

Lisa Benton-Short

Professor and Chair, Department of Geography
The George Washington University


"The progress of GWU's comprehensive sustainability program to-date is truly impressive.  The work of the sustainability staff to teach by example how individual actions can solve world problems furthers the University's educational mission in the finest way possible. More communication, however, is needed. By showcasing and explaining GWU's sustainability projects, with signage, tours, and media coverage, we have a chance to widen our reach and make both students and other members of our community better, more environmentally aware, citizens."

Donna Attanasio

Senior Advisor for Energy Law Programs, Professional Lecturer in Law
The George Washington University Law School


“This comprehensive report not only highlights our exceptional progress to date but also educates the campus, local and global communities on GW’s commitment to sustainability. I look forward to working with the campus community to achieve these ambitious goals for our generation and the next.”

Brian Snyder

Director of Facilities Resources & Planning
The George Washington University