Student Association and University Leaders Announce the Creation of a Sustainable Investment Fund

February 26, 2018

Student Association and University Leaders announce the creation of a Sustainable Investment Fund.


The Sustainable Investment Fund (SIF) is a Student Association-driven initiative that will allocate an initial $2 million from the university endowment toward responsible investment vehicles. As part of a larger responsible investment approach, the fund will promote and produce innovation in sustainable environmental practices and seek to avoid investments in the top coal, oil and gas companies.

The SIF was created in response to strong student support for sustainable investing. Student Association leaders engaged with senior leaders in the Executive Vice President and Treasurer’s Office at GW and Strategic Investment Group, GW’s Outsourced Investment Officer, on formulating a proposal. Student Association leaders proposed the fund to GW President Thomas LeBlanc last fall, and then the plan was presented to the Board of Trustees. The George Washington University Board of Trustees’ Subcommittee for Endowment and Investments approved the plan.

A Committee on Sustainable Investment will be created to inform the SIF and engage stakeholders on issues related to responsible investing. Students will have significant involvement in that committee. The payout from the fund will be designated toward the university student financial aid budget.


Hear what the students leading the movement for sustainable investing on campus have to say about the purpose of the fund and the impact it will have.