Student Eco Reps

Through the Eco Rep program, students serve as green leaders in their residence halls and across campus. Eco Reps help with Eco-Challenge, Recyclemania, Green Moveout, e-cycling on campus, Earth Hour, and Earth Month. Eco Reps are a valuable resource for GW, in disseminating the message to "go green" across campus, particularly among students and student groups. The Eco Rep program is run by Campaign GW, a sustainably-minded student intern group within the Division of Operations. Eco Reps have a key role in communicating sustainability to the student body and promoting a culture of sustainability on campus. 

Students: Interested in helping make GW a greener campus? Want to build your environmental skills and gain leadership experience? Email [email protected] to sign-up.

A Sample of our Recent GW Eco Reps:


Eleanor Davis
Graduation year: 2016
School/ Major/Minors: CCAS Environmental Studies/ GIS and Sustainability
Why did you become an eco rep and what 
are you looking forward to next year?

My parents raised me to be environmentally concious and that has only increased since I came to GW. We need to increase education and communication about environmental issues to ensure a cleaner, safer, and healthier world for future generations. I had the great pleasure of studying abroad my sophomore year in Australia on a program specifically made for Sustainability and Environmental Action. Also, I am now interning with the Office of Sustainability at GW. I hope to use both of these perspectives to enhance GW's and even the greater DC area's sustainability initiative.



Danielle Baglivo
Graduation Year: 2017
Why did you become an Eco Rep and what are you looking forward to next year? 

I decided to join this organization because of my absolute passion to “be green”. Ever since I saw “An Inconvenient Truth” by Al Gore in middle school, I had the drive to do something every day to help the earth. This organization, to me, helps me embrace this passion because as an Eco Rep, my responsibility is to focus on the recycling in my dorm hall. This helps me direct my thinking, every day, in the way of sustainability. I not only make sure that I am recycling - and recycling correctly - but I make sure that others around me are doing the same. I am also involved in greek life and hope to combine both my love for sustainability and of sisterhood next year in my own event. I am hoping to be able to create an “Eco-Challenge” just for the greek housing, since the Eco-Challenge, now, does not include townhouse row. This, to me, would be an extremely interesting, and hopefully successful, way to get greeks in the know about sustainability. This way, when they see their results from eco-challenge, they can learn how to improve for next year - just like all of the dorms did this year during the event! All in all, campaign GW has taught me that sustainability is all around us. There are countless amounts of ways to be green every day, and this club helps me embrace that idea in every facet of my life at GW!


Lucas Crampton

Graduation Year: 2018

Major: International Affairs, Minor in Sustainability.  

Why did you become an eco rep and what are you looking forward to next year?

I became an Eco-rep because climate change affects and implicates everybody and modifying our behaviors really can make a huge difference. I am looking forward to having a stove and cooking vegetarian and vegan dishes.  Yum.


Name: Bhujit Saini

Graduation Year: 2018

Major: Finance

What are you looking forward to this year? I am looking forward to learning more about my major, finding more things that I am passionate about and continuing to enjoy DC.  




Interested in Becoming an Eco Rep?

Interested students can email [email protected] to become Eco Reps for their residence halls.