Student Groups

Green Student Groups

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These are the student groups on campus dedicated to promoting green living practices and sustainability:


CampaignGW is an ongoing forum for students to share input and participate in the decision-making process on future GW campus development issues, including sustainability. Campaign GW exists for students to have a say in campus development and guide outreach for sustainable living. Join us in shaping the future of GW!


Environmental Law Association

ELA is a student-run organization that works to bring together law students interested in environmental protection and to provide educational, career, and networking opportunities in the practice of environmental law


The GroW Community

The GroW Community seeks to educate, unite and mobilize students of The George Washington University and community members of Washington, DC, to restore the environment, promote community, build relationships, and pursue justice through food for a local and sustainable food system.


Fossil Free GW

Fossil Free GW is the call for university divestment of the fossil fuel industry. It's time for GW to get its endowment OUT of harmful investments. It's time to have a REAL impact on climate change. It's time to make history.


Green GW

Green GW is the "by the students, for the students" sustainability organization at The George Washington University. Turning ideas into action since 2006. Green GW offers a wide range of opportunities for students to become engaged in sustainability issues through events including leadership opportunities, raising awareness about issues, workshops, participation in healthy debates, community engagement, promotion of environmental policies, and creative events to make sustainability appeal to everyone's different interests.


Roots and Shoots

The Roots & Shoots program is about making positive change happen—for people, for animals and for the environment. Roots & Shoots members identify problems in our community and take action to do something about it, whether it afflicts people, animals, or our environment.


Interested in Becoming an Eco Rep?

Interested students can email to become Eco Reps for their residence halls.