Sustainability Course List

Courses that have a 'sustainability' designation, address issues around social, economic, and/or environmental sustainability and include at least three of the following criteria: 

  • Content related to sustainable development: creating healthy and thriving resource systems for all; 
  • Content related to environmental issues;
  • Content related to social issues that can be applied to sustainable development such as human welfare, social equity issues or social/organizational/behavioral change; 
  • Content related to economic issues that can be applied to sustainable development;
  • Discourse focused on the interconnection of world resources and the human condition from a long-term perspective; 
  • Content related to policy and communications issues that can be applied to sustainable development.

Check out this sample syllabus from a Sustainability course, the Sustainable City (SUST 2002).

GW is constantly working to update its list of Sustainability Courses. If you are unable to find a specific sustainability-related, or -focused course on this list, please contact Michael Svoboda at

Download an updated Compendium of Sustainability Courses.