Waste Not Wednesday: Pressed, Not Prejudiced, Produce

Waste Not Wednesday
April 21, 2016
In a world full of monster-green juices, pricey juice cleanses, and upscale organic juiceries, it can be hard for cold-pressed juice to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Especially you’re a misfit. 
Misfit Juicery is a D.C.-based, cold-pressed juice startup founded by recent Georgetown graduates Philip Wong and Ann Yang. The two friends took an entrepreneurship class together, and after spending a summer in Rwanda, returned with a vision to change the food system for the better. The concept is simple, yet ingenious — make juice, but with ugly produce. Surplus fruits and vegetables bound for the landfill are repurposed into fresh, healthy beverages that are sourced locally. They gather up twisted carrots and dimpled apples to create delicious, aptly named concoctions such as Offbeat and 24CarrotGold.