Eco-Reps are sustainability leaders who promote a culture of sustainability within the GW residence halls and community. Eco-Reps inform and engage students in activities that encourage a sustainable lifestyle. 

Eco-Reps Students during a Sustainable Laundry Kit Giveaway
Eco-Reps students during a 2024 Sustainable Laundry Kit Giveaway in Thurston Hall.


What does it mean to be an Eco-Rep?

  • Eco-Reps lead activities and events within the residence halls that encourage sustainable living.
  • Eco-Reps are volunteers, and any student interested in participating is welcome to sign up.
  • Tool-kits, workshop templates, and sample activities will be available.
  • Eco-Reps are encouraged to create their own activities and projects as well.
  • Sustainable GW will provide training on basic sustainability topics like disposing of waste properly.
  • Eco-Reps attend regular General Body Meetings.


What types of initiatives do Eco-Reps host?

  • Encouraging students to compost food waste.
  • Managing a "green room certification" program.
  • Educating students about topics like sustainable food or avoiding single-use plastics.
  • Providing resources on topics like shopping sustainably.
  • Promoting university sustainability initiatives like Green Move Out.


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