Green Event Guide

Do More, Use Less - Your Guide to Hosting Green Events


Planning a fantastic event? Make sure you keep it green by following these sustainable tips and alternatives so your events leave a lasting impact on those who go and not on the planet.


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Keep it central - minimize travel time and make sure it’s accessible by public transit or on foot.

Keep it clean - use LEED certified buildings such as SEH or District House for event space when possible as they minimize energy usage.

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Keep them online - Avoid paper waste with sending invites through social media, eventbrite, or email.

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Activities and Prizes

Think reusable - gifts, prizes and activities should all be able to be reused by those they’re given to and for other events to minimize plastic and paper waste.

Think Green - Give plants as gifts when possible! 

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Keep it real - only order the necessary amount of food to reduce potential waste.

Keep it small - serve small finger foods, buffet style to get rid of those leftovers easily.

Encourage a mindset - ask guests to bring their own mugs, water bottles, and Tupperware. It’s a community affair, after all!

Need additional resources? The Office of Sustainability has a more detailed checklist for event planners.

Download the Checklist


Need a crowd? The Office of Sustainability will highlight your green event on our website, blog and social media if you complete three of these alternatives for your event. Email [email protected] with your event details for more information.