Sustainability Snapshot: At Sekoyia, environmental impact is rooted in research

Q&A with Junior Journalism and Mass Communication Major Louie Staub.

March 05, 2019

Headshot of Louie Staub

Problems: climate change, plastic pollution, wildlife disappearing forever. Solutions: you. 

That’s how Sekoyia - an organization empowering individuals to tackle climate change through eco-impact products, content and experiences - views global warming issues. The group, which was founded in 2018,  uses digital resources, physical products and community to make living a more eco-friendly lifestyle easy.

Emily (CCAS ‘19) Robinson asked Louie Staub (CCAS ‘20)  about his experience interning at the organization that is educating and engaging citizens on the most critical environmental issues of our time. 

What is a day as a research assistant at Sekoyia like?
I research and write blog posts about a certain theme every week. One week, I did research and wrote a blog post about sustainable fashion. In my research, I conducted an interview with a man who designs sustainably made footwear in Porto, Portugal.  

What responsibilities and opportunities do you have?
My main responsibilities include writing blog posts and newsletters for the company's subscribers. I also go to job fairs and talk to people about our company and environmentalism. I am also afforded the opportunity to network with the other people in the office since Sekoyia is not the only institution there. I enjoy chatting with people who are like me in that they care about the environment and making a difference in that aspect. 

What drew you to Sekoyia?
My roommate worked at Sekoyia last semester as social media manager. I did not know much about the company before joining but I have grown to appreciate what they do for the planet. Sekoyia’s mission is to change the world by inspiring individual action, empowering daily changes in lifestyle and building a community of impact. The company is in the process of rolling out an eco-friendly subscription box that will transform a different aspect of your lifestyle each month.  

What got you interested in sustainability?
I feel like a sustainable future is the only viable future. I’m a journalism major, so it also stems from me wanting to make a change in the world and raise my voice when others will not. 

My family and I have always been environmentally conscious so I grew up in a world where the Earth was placed above all else. My house in Brooklyn, New York is only 13 feet above sea level, so it would be one of the first areas to go underwater if sea levels continue to rise. 

As Senator Bernie Sanders said, “climate change is the greatest threat to national security.” 

How did your sustainability courses prepare you for this internship?
The introduction to sustainability course really helps me with my research at Sekoia - sometimes I even look back in my notes from the class for information about environmental themes. 

Last week, the blog theme was home waste and how to take action. From my sustainability classes, I remembered learning about a young Dutch inventor that designed a net to catch plastics in the ocean and I included that in my blog post. 

What has been a memorable part of your internship? 

The most memorable part of my internship was conducting an interview with the shoe designer that lived in Portugal. Although he was across the Atlantic, it was an amazing feeling doing my own research and finding this guy that was willing to discuss sustainable fashion from a first-hand point of view. 

I am looking forward to doing even more research about the environment and furthering my sustainability knowledge.